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The safety of our guests and our collaborators is first for us and for this reason, also by virtue of the comments and results obtained, we will continue to implement with care and responsibility all the necessary rules for the prevention of Covid 19.

In all the premises, cleaning, disinfection and sanitization operations are carried out continuously, implemented according to the protocols of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

It is also guaranteed wide and widespread signs and the presence of dispensers with hydro-alcoholic solutions for hand hygiene.

The reception
All guests older than 12 years are required to show their Super Green Pass which has to be valid for the entire stay; also, the guest's body temperature is measured; in case of temperature> 37.5 ° C, the foreseen protocols are applied. All contact points are continuously sanitized.

The daily cleaning, disinfection, sanitization and ventilation of the rooms is carried out according to specific protocols. An extraordinary intervention is carried out for the arriving rooms. The washing of the linen for setting up the room is handled by UNI EN ISO 9001 (quality management) and UNI EN ISO14001 (environmental management) certified companies.

The restaurant and bar
The tables in the room are arranged in such a way as to ensure the maintenance of the expected distance between customers who are not part of the same family unit.
For the small breakfast and appetizers for lunch and dinner, a protected buffet will be set up and served by our sla collaborators where the guest, respecting the distances, can make his choices. In addition to daily disinfection and sanitation, all environments are subjected to extraordinary sanitation every night.

The beach reserved for guests
On the beach, stations are set up with 1 umbrella and 2 sunbeds respecting the distances between the equipment. Reservations may be required for use, possibly limited, according to availability, by time slots. The equipment is sanitized and sanitized in the morning as well as at each change of user.

The panoramic terrace
On the large terrace located on the third floor, sunbeds placed in the sun and in the shade are available to guests, always respecting the distances provided. For all equipment, the sanitation and sanitization protocol of those placed on the beach is followed.

The outdoor thermal pool and annexed relaxation areas
According to the legislation applied to the specific dimensions of the water mirror, the outdoor thermal pool can be frequented by a maximum of 10 people at the same time. The workstations with sunbeds and umbrellas are arranged to ensure interpersonal distancing of the expected distance between people not belonging to the same family. The beach sanitation protocol is followed for all equipment.

Therramarique SpA indoor pools and wellness center
The indoor thermal pool can be attended by a maximum of 8 people at the same time. For prudential purposes the waterfalls and the "Grotta umida" are not in operation. The wellness center is used by appointment for mud treatments, thermal Bath in Hot Tub, massages and beauty treatments. 
An extraordinary daily sanitation of the entire wellness center is carried out before closing.

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