Join our cooking classes!

Joining a cooking class in Ischia during your stay is a great idea to bring home more than pleasant memories and some gifts for your friends. Cook an Ischia-style dinner for family and friends and share with them the ancient art of cooking to make your tales about the holiday even more interesting and fun. Our rich, country gastronomy will surprise you. Having once privileged vegetables and leafy greens, it has eventually incorporated delicious preparations of fish and meat, particularly rabbit. Add to the local tradition the influence and contamination of the Neapolitan cuisine.

The cooking classes reflect the Hotel’s philosophy of wellness and relaxation. Our executive chef will show you how to make sweet and salty preparation using local produce: the organic vegetables from the Hotel’s garden retain the forgotten taste of a volcanic soil rich with minerals and of the taste of the warm sun that makes them grow.

Practice wellness by taking your time cooking local produce and learning how to cook with love and patience. For example, making the rabbit Ischia-style, the island’s most typical dish, requires passion and patience: you cannot hasten it, but the outcome will make you proud and, hopefully, more relaxed.

The cooking classes are held at the nearby Hotel Parco Smeraldo. Contact the concierge for timetable and availability.

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