Nitrodi Springs

The springs, whose benefits were already known to the Greeks, dedicated to the Nitrodi Nymphs are some of Ischia’s oldest and most famous thermal attractions. The facility boasts hydro-aromatherapy stations that have upgraded the SPA philosophy to SPAEH: Salus per aquam et herbas.

The ancient Nitrodi Springs is a magical place to enjoy an innovative wellness experience

Mentions of the Nitrodi Springs, some of Ischia’s oldest and most famous thermal baths, are found in Homer and classic Greek and Latin texts. In fact, their healing power was already known in the 7th century b.C.
To this day, tourists and locals continue to benefit from their healing powers in a modern thermal park.
Nitrodi’s mineral water, classified as hypothermal sulfate, is a prodigious gift of this island.
Decree n. 3509 (9 October 2009) issued by the Italian Ministry of Health acknowledges the water’s therapeutic properties, its antiinflammatory effects and positive impact on skin healing and gastrointestinal ailments such as gastritis, ulcers, gastroduodenitis and heartburn.

Spend at least 10 minutes in the thermal shower and dry yourself in the sun to fully enjoy its benefits.
Valleys, canyons, and tuff cliffs make up the springs’ picturesque and lively surroundings. Find there a park featuring hydro-aromatherapy paths scattered among lovely terracings dotted with brooms, Pistacia Lentiscus, myrtle, bay trees, aromatic herbs, as well as honeysuckle, agave, ipomoea, and acanthus. Panoramic spots boast rocky waterfalls, while heliotherapy stations line the walking paths. The guests can enjoy hydro-aromatherapy sessions that combine the beneficial effects of the thermal waters with those of the natural essences emanating from the vegetation, upgrading the SPA philosophy to SPAEH: Salus per aquam et herbas (Health through water and herbs).

This thermal park is close to Hotel San Giorgio Terms

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